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In order to be considered for funding, applicants must complete a Consolidated Funding Application (CFA).

For application form, please visit the Regional Economic Development Council website:

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Governor Announces Round 4 of Economic Development Funding


On April 30, 2015, Governor Andrew M. Cuomo launched two major economic development programs – the Upstate Revitalization Initiative and Round V of the Regional Economic Development Councils – officially kicking off the 2015 competitions for $1.5 billion and up to $750 million in state economic development resources, respectively.

The New York State Environmental Facility Corporation’s Green Innovation Grant Program (GIGP) will be available to support green infrastructure projects that improve stormwater quality and demonstrate innovative design across the state. For eligibility criteria and application information, see below.

Applicants may use the on-line NYS Consolidated Funding Application (CFA) to apply for the GIGP (see sidebar). The CFA was created to streamline the grant application process by providing access to multiple state funding sources through one on-line application. 


The Consolidated Funding Application (CFA) closed on July 31st, 2015.
For information on future rounds, please call 518-402-7461
or email

For further information
on the grant review process and criteria, 
see the NYS Regional Development Council website.




GIGP funding is provided for the design and construction of the following green infrastructure practices:

To view the printable-PDF version of these green infrastructure practices, click here.

In addition, water quality/water quantity monitoring costs may be eligible.  Guidance on monitoring green infrastructure practices can be found here.

All CFA applications must be accompanied by the following attachments:

    • Feasibility Study                                          

    • Existing Conditions Plan                      

    • Concept Plan

    • Site Photos

Guidance on these is provided here.

Awarded Projects

GIGP grant recipients must provide documentation of the following before entering into a grant agreement:

◾Legal right to own, operate and maintain the project for the duration of its useful life.

◾Compliance with the Smart Growth Infrastructure Act of 2010 and EEO and MWBE requirements.

◾Successful completion of all NYS environmental and historic preservation reviews, i.e., SEQR and SHPO.

◾A detailed final budget and plan of finance including all third-party funding agreements, inter-municipal agreements, and satisfaction of the minimum 10% local match requirement.

◾Designation of an Authorized Representative for the project.

◾EFC Approved Feasibility Study.

Please note that if this is a public work contract covered by Article 8 of the New York State Labor Law, the recipient agrees to comply with the prevailing wage requirements.

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