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SRF Sustainability Contacts

Director of Policy and Planning

SRF Sustainability Initiative

In the fall of 2010, EFC launched the SRF Sustainability Initiative-- a new strategic planning effort to enhance EFC's ability to use the Clean Water State Revolving Fund to promote smart growth, reduce energy use and improve asset management. Our goal is to provide support to communities who are proactively managing water and wastewater facilities and making strategic decisions about the use of SRF resources.

Recommendations for SRF program changes have been developed by an Advisory Group of the Clean Water Collaborative. To view the report, click here. An update regarding the progress of the SRF Sustainability Initiative was released in the summer of 2011.

Your input is vital to our efforts. We encourage you to stay informed by signing up to our SRF Sustainability E-mail List. You can contact us at SRF-Sustainability@efc.ny.gov.

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Clean Water Collaborative

Around the state, water infrastructure is “aging out,” leading to an estimated $70 billion in needed repairs over the next 20 years. The Clean Water Collaborative, a public-private partnership, was founded in 2008 to raise awareness of this issue and support the successful campaign to bolster federal investment in these systems.

As a direct result, New York’s Clean Water and Drinking Water SRF programs received a record $518 million through the federal American Recovery & Reinvestment Act (aka “stimulus program”).  Because of these new federal funds, EFC staff were able to commit more than $432 million for 80 Clean Water projects and $87 million for 30 Drinking Water projects in communities across New York State, building and upgrading our water infrastructure, protecting our water quality, and creating jobs.   In addition, thanks to record level appropriations in the federal budget for 2010, New York has secured the highest annual funding ever available for the SRFs.

Wastewater infrastructure is vital to New York's business community and stimulates job creation, making investment in it paramount during the present economic pressures. The enormity of New York's needs also underscores the importance of sustainable infrastructure. With more widespread and robust capital and asset management planning, we can ensure that New York's wastewater infrastructure does not return to the current level of disrepair.

In November 2009, the Collaborative began working on policy improvements to the CWSRF, focusing on smart growth, energy efficiency, and asset management planning. In January 2010, EFC President Matthew Driscoll established the SRF Sustainability Initiative to solicit input from the Collaborative, as well as other interested parties and the public. In response, the Collaborative formed an Advisory Group which reviewed information gathered from comment sessions and developed a recommendation report. DEC and EFC issued an initial status report in the fall of 2010, the "Sustainability Initiative Report."

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CWC Members:

  • Chairman-Robert Kennedy, Chairman, Waterkeeper Alliance
  • Chairman-Ross Pepe, President, Construction Industry Council and Building Contractors Association
  • Stephen Acquario, Executive Director, NYS Association of Counties
  • Sandra Allen, Director, Division of Policy and Planning, NYS EFC
  • Peter Baynes, Executive Director, NYS Conference of Mayors
  • Albert Caccese, Executive Director, Audubon New York
  • Patricia Cerro-Reehil, Executive Director, New York Water Environment Association
  • Mara Dias, Water Quality Coordinator, Surfrider Foundation
  • Matthew J. Driscoll, President and CEO, NYS Environmental Facilities Corporation
  • Marcus Ferguson, Director of Government Affairs, The Business Council of New York State
  • Kathryn Garcia, Chief of Staff, New York City Department of Environmental Protection
  • Dereth Glance, Program Director, Citizens Campaign for the Environment
  • Eric Goldstein, Director of New York Urban Program, Natural Resource Defense Council
  • Honorable Joanne Mahoney, Onondaga County Executive
  • Honorable Carl Marcellino, Ranking Minority Member on the Senate Environmental Conservation Committee
  • William McSpedon, Director, NYS Conference of Operating Engineers
  • Honorable Robert Sweeney, New York State Assembly
  • Beryl Thurman, President/Executive Director, The North Shore Waterfront Conservancy of Staten Island, Inc.
  • James Tierney, Assistant Commissioner for Water Resources, NYS DEC
  • Lorrie Mithen-DeMasi, Counsel, NYS Association of Towns
  • Robert Moore, Executive Director, Environmental Advocates of New York
  • Carter Strickland, Deputy Commissioner for Sustainability, New York City Department of Environmental Protection
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